Casual Raiding

We have turned into a social guild, but i think we can still do a bit of light raiding.

What we need is some people that are interested in getting it going.

So we need for starters

1. Players to raid
2. Players to raid lead
3. Players to recruit more for (1).

Post here if your interested.

For me, I would be interested in raiding as holy priest.

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Archimonde Normal

Still struggling to get consistent raids going after the summer break, but we still managed to add Archimonde to our kill list (with some outside help). Thanks everyone for putting in the time and effort!

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Flex team update

So, it's been a while since the last update, we didn't even post BRF kills, but with a new raid tier launched, it's time for some news.

The last few weeks have been a real struggle for our team, as we lacked sign-ups and had to use a lot of band-aids to even get raids going. Still we managed to get 9/10 hc in BRF, which was not bad at all. All in all it feels like that tier lasted too long and people started losing interest.

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[Flex] Imperator Mar'Gok - Heroic

As we kept on progressing slowly throughout the night it was obvious we would win eventually, and so we did! Good job everyone involved, I allready said it but I'll repeat myself, I'm very proud of what we accomplished!

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[Flex] Imperator Mar'Gok

All in all it didn't take us too many wipes before we got him begging for mercy. One day later we also killed Ko'Ragh heroic, adding another new kill to our list. Now it's on to Imperator HC!
Conratulations on clearing 7/7!

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