Raid rules

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  1. Normally raids start 20:30, and finish 23:30, unless mentioned differently in the event. The raid leader has the right to extend duration of these raids by maximum 30 min (until midnight) shall he/she decide that this will help to achieve raid targets.
  2. Raid invites start 15 minutes before the raid start time. Any player with a status of either "Active" or "Rotated" who is not online (being logged on an alt does not count!) is subject to a raid offense. If you are still not online 5 mins after raid invites you may be replaced to ensure the raid starts on time. Prevent offense by writing an officer as soon as possible prior to the start of the invites.
  3. All players who are "Active" must be located at the raid instance at the time raid invites are scheduled to start. Failing to be at the designated instance risks replacement or raid offense.
  4. All players who are "Rotated" are not required to be located at the raid instance but must be online on their main and be prepared for raiding if called upon.
  5. All players signed up for an event should be fully prepared. This includes being fully repaired, have their gear gemmed and enchanted, fully stocked up on reagents and consumables, and having the necessary addons installed. Failure to do so may result in the raid offense and being sent back to the city to prepare properly, or being replaced by another player who is prepared.
  6. Everyone is required to connect to Teamspeak and be able to listen in, microphone is optional. The raid leader can choose to make the use of Teamspeak optional. The nickname used by raiders should start with their main characters name for easy recognition and can be asked to be changed if desired by others.
  7. All players signed up for an event are expected to have read up on tactics and any other posts related to the event, and this should be done in advance of the event. The more time people spend researching and understanding encounters the faster we should be able to kill bosses. People who clearly have no clue on what is expected of them are subject to removal from the raid.
  8. Players who do not consistently use appropriate buffs during raids, including flask, food buff and potions, may risk a raid offense. The raid leader will inform the raid if these buffs are not necessary for the next pulls, for example on the first few, learning, pulls. If not stated otherwise, raiders are expected to use the appropriate buffs.
  9. Raid leaders will ensure there is at least one 10 minute break during a raid. It is expected that everyone is capable of remaining focused and not having to go AFK between pulls. Players who go AFK without warning on a regular basis will be subject to replacement.
  10. Anyone who has disconnected for more than 5 minutes and without notice (TS/, risk replacement. After 5 minutes has relapsed, the raid leader will try to find a replacement and ask them to make ready and available for a summon. If no word has been received from the disconnected person after 10 minutes they will be replaced.
  11. Being focused is essential for a successful raid, so try to minimize any possible distractions and give 100% to the raid. If you don't, you make the experience worse for everyone else attending, and may result in removal in raiding privileges.
  12. We have implemented a loot rule for new recruits. This means you, as a trialist, will have a smaller chance of receiving loot than others.
  13. Finally, remember that raids are supposed to be a fun activity so take it serious within reason. If we have a bad night, we have a bad night. Just make sure the bad night is not caused by something which you are responsible for (not being prepared before raid or having read up on raid goals properly). Doing a little work in advance will most likely result in the raid being more successful and a more fun activity!

Due to lot of applicants failing to read the required posts, we've decided to add an secret check. Near the end of your application, at "Having read all of the application guidelines and our Guild and Raid Rules, do you have any questions?", please tell us shortly and in your own words, what you hope to achieve within the Vigilantes guild. If you bring us this very secret information, it will show us you actually read the whole thing. We very much value people who, by default, read the forum posts they're supposed to be reading and we will take your application ten times more seriously if this applies to you as well.


  • Note: Officers and Raid Leaders can ignore these rotation rules if they hinder more successful raids and progress.
  • Raid events are setup with a certain grace time. Any person who signs up within this period is then taken on the raid as Active or Rotated. Signups after the grace period (30 hours prior to raid start time) are still allowed, but these are treated as "Late Signups" and are not given priority on the raid selection. Sign up in advance, and often!
  • Anyone who breaks one of the raid rules or fails to show up for the raid risks a raid offense for it. Members may dispute a raid offense by contacting the Raid Leader within 48 hours. The raid leader will then issue a ruling on having it rescinded or not. This ruling is final and any further complains will result in stronger punitive actions taken.
  • All raiding members have a rotation counter (number of times they have been rotated) and a raid offenses counter (number of times they have broken the raid rules). These counters only track raids during the last 90 days. Both these factors will be used to help decide who will raid on any given event.
  • Raid selection will take many things into consideration. The most important thing is to ensure the Raid is strong enough to meet the goals set for the raid, so ensuring the class balance and experience is paramount.
    Within that framework certain other factors are taken into consideration:

    1. Raiders are given priority over socials.
    2. Mythic raiders are required to maintain attendance rate equal or greater than 75%, and if done so will have a higher chance of being selected than those with less than 75%. Falling below 75% attendance over extended period of time (>1 month) may result in loss of raiding privileges.
    3. Flex raiders are required to maintain a 50% attendance.
    4. Grace period sign ups have priority over Late signups.
    5. Count of Rotations and Raid offenses influences the chance to be selected for a given raid.

Standby Sytem

We use a Standby System which means that people that hadn't had the chance to raid lately, have a chance to get some extra credit and increase their attendance rate. More information on the page itself.