[Warrior] Protection 4.0.1

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Hello fellow Meat shields!

Ok This is the Warrior guide to tanking Post 4.0.1 or "cata tanking"

To get things started lets look at the overall abilities that the Prot warrior has in his/her Arsenal.

added in 4.0.1
Veangence: this is a buff gained when you are hit by any attack. It increases your attack power by 5% of the total damage taken, stacking up to a total amount of 10% of your maximum health

e.g: Sindragosa heroic hits you for 40k. 5% of 40k = 2k, giving you a veangence buff of 2,000 more attack power. However, your current maximum health is 81k. This means that you will stop gaining vengeance stacks once you reach 8.1k veangence, but 8.1k more attack power from this buff is a massive boost to damage.

In addition to this however, veangence will decrease every 3-5 seconds when you are not getting hit. So, if you take 40k from the first hit you will recieve 2k veangence, but you then avoid the next 5 hits (miraculously) at this point (presuming the mobs attack speed is every 2 seconds) your veangence stack will be almost gone.


Primary abilities (these are the major pain bringers for us/short CD defensives)

Taunt (coupled with vigialnce this becomes a very helpful friend in almost any fight)
Shield Block
Shield Slam
Heroic Strike

Secondary Abilities (helpful additions, CC, interupts, buffs etc)
Concussion Blow
Shield bash
Spell Reflect
Demo shout

CDs, extra buffs

Vigilance (cast this on another tank. As of 4.0.1 this no longer gives reduced threat, but now gives more veangence)
Shield Wall (4.0.1 = 40% reduction 2 min CD)
Last Stand (30% more health 3 min CD)

Make use of trinkets
if using T10 4set bonus make use of battle/commanding shout (these give an absorb ability absorbing 20% of total health when used)

Using these abilities

In my Experience, there is no Set rotation, it is more of priorety list.

Looking at the abilities listed above, this is my main List of Prioreties:

Before fight begins, hit Battle shout for some initial rage (in raids this is better tha commanding since Fortitude gives the same buff as Commanding) and of course set vigilance on the other tank.

1.shield block(gives next shield slam 100% more dmg = more threat)
-This ability at the moment increases your block chance by 100%. However in cataclysm that will be dropped to 25%, but will increase your critical block chance (blocks doulbe the amount i.e. 60% up fro 30%) by any amount that goes over 100% block chance when you use shield block.

e.g.: You have a massive 80% chance to block unbuffed. You then use shield block. this gives you a total of 105% chance to block. since you can never get over 100% the extra 5% is added to your chance to critically block.

2.Shield Slam.
-This is the biggest hitting ability we currently have. Use it when ever it is available and use in conjunction with shield block for the added 100% dmg boost.

3.devestatex3 (stack sunders to max)
-Quite a high damage ability after 3 stacks keep this up to maintain the sunders.

4.revenge (if available, else move to 5)
-Big damage attack and nice threat, not as powerful as shield slam now, but still a good attack.

-Use this every 30 seconds, reducing the damage dealt by your target is a must for heavy hitting encounters.

6.Demo Shout
-See above.

7.Shockwave/concussion blow
- I usually use these right after each other. However, if for fights such as LK, you are required not to use aoe stuns for i.e. valkyrs then please refrain from using shockwave at that particular time.

8. Heroic Strike
- Use this when you have alot of rage to dump.

The rest of the abilities such as spell reflect, shield bash, disarm and cleave, you should be using under the right circumstances.


The protection tree has under gone a major make over in the patch, we have lost quite alot of stats due to it, 5% dodge and 5% parry giving us less avoidance over all. Add to this the loss in Armor from items. This means that potions such as stoneshield are a bigger use to us than ever and should be used effectively during progression encounters.

I'd recomend not taking the aoe talents in the protection tree and focusing totally on pure survivability and utility.

These are the big YES talents:

Toughness - we can never have enough armor.
Incite - this is great for excesive rage (happens in most encounters) as it gives our heroic strike a huge boost.
Shield Mastery another good talent, this is what you need for reducing Shield wall to 2 minutes, and for giving shield slam a boost due to faster 100% dmg buff gains.
Hold the Line Brilliant talent. The more you parry, the more chance of increasing your critical offensive and defensive capabilities. This makes you hit harder and die slower always good.
bastion of Defense this is the MUST NEED talent. This talent is what has replaced defense points, and so without it you are not a tank.
Last Stand No need for justification.
Concussion blow No need for justification.
Vigilance No need for justification.
Devestate No need for justification.
Heavy Repercussions Get this for harder hitting Shield Slams asexplained previously.
Sword and Board Great talent, chance of reseting Shield Slam CoolDown.
Shockave No need for justification.

helpful talents:

Warbringer great for moving between targets quickly.
gag order gives you a ranged interupt.
Shield Specialisation Very good for rage starvation problems when used in conjunction with high block chance.
cruelty more crit for shield slam.
Field Dressing Helpful for healers!

For extra help here is my talent build:



For your gear its better to have multiple sets when the content gets rolling, thus giving you diffierent stats for different occasions.


-dodge isnt as helpful as it was before the patch as there are less mechanics and talents that make use of it now.
-Parry has changed in that it offers point for point the exact same amount of avoidance that dodge offers, however this is now the better stat to get since it also gives more help through hold the line
-Changed altogether. This now gives you a chance to block 30% of incoming damage.
critical block
-Although there is no stat for this, it is part of your mastery and is through talents. gives you a chance to block double (60%) of the incoming attack.
Mastery increases your chance to block and chance to critically block. both are quite good stats now so make use of this. In general if you are going to reforge stats into mastery, use dodge as it is now the least useful of the stats.

Lastly Gems.

Gemming for tanks can be taken two ways. Either gem stamina for high continuous magic damage (this coupled with shield block which gives 20% magic eduction in 4.2 is great) or otherwise try to gem mainly for mastery but don't ignore socket bonuses or other stats. Mastery is a big boost for warrior tanks as it gives you critical block and increases your flat block chance.

Thanks for reading Smiling