[Fury Warrior] Don't slam!

Reading on EJ and MMO that people felt that Slam *currently* isn't worth the damage/(rage/CD) ratio. So I decided to try it out last night.

OK, I will admit that I don't have any data to compare it to (I will dummy test later, but this is about my experience in raid), dropping slam from the priority list allows you to use heroic strike more often and means you don't have to be waiting around for it to proc. The priority is easier, and you end up doing more DPS.

At 20%, hit HS + Exec pretty much all the time, currently this shouldn't rage starve you except for a couple of seconds when you mistime your shout.

Using this tactic, I pulled 17.7k DPS on Rotface last night. I would have been higher, but I'd somehow unlinked my Bloodthirst 10% glyph and my raging blow 5% crit glyph, so I was actually down a lot on DPS.