[Healing] Tips from Paragon

Some cool tips on how to choose your healing target from paragon.


A few that stick out as very obvious but often forgotten

1) Sticky targeting: pick your targets and stick with them.

All too often, i see healers straying from their assignments. Primary focus should always be your assigned targets and then anyone else if you have time.

4) Heal based on class.

We all know which classes die the most often or don't have decent panic buttons

7) Heal yourself first.

Dead healer can't heal

8 ) Heal based on who needs to live

No brainer

9) Be aware of PW:S

I added PW:S to my grid when we started doing Anub and its a stupidly useful indicator. If you are going to choose between 2 targets to heal, heal the guy without PW:S

10) Don't mask problems

A bit harsh but fair i think.

3) Heal from bottom to top, not from top to bottom.

Trying to avoid healing targets that already have HoTs etc is always good when assigned to raid healing. Ideally you want to agree with the other raid healers how you are going to do this, but worth considering if there isn't an agreement.