[Mage] Fire and the new patch

After 2.3 I respecced to fire to try it out a bit. Yesterday in TK it went quite nice, though have to try it when not being raid leader as this always fucks up my rotation and mana reloading.

I noticed the following:

- at Al ar u plain suck. with using frostbolts hitting for around 1600 and arcane blasts hitting for around 2,2k i was able to around 50% of the highest mage, though I wasnt in mana battery/shammy totem grp. so damage here is lowered a lot, not sure if its an overall option for this fight atm. didnt thougt the difference is so big.

- damage output on trash was really high

- on solarian i did too much ae with arcane explosion and ran out of mana too fast, next time will let the arcane mages do this job

- reaver like always only depends if u have to run a lot or not

- overall: on a scorched up target i was hitting around 3,2 k non crit, crits were 5-6k + ignite whats pretty powerfull. with 40 haste rating from the badges wrist and offhand items i seemd to have a 2,9 /2,8 second cast. aggro has to be watched. it uses up a lot of mana too, if ur not with a sp prepare to drink a lot.

=> i will try it out on sunday with probably not leading; will focus on optimal playing then and see what I can do wit hfire, will write it in here again to see what the options are after patch.