[Paladin] WotlK Talents (continued)

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prot build updated on 22/12/08
I'd love to have any input on holy builds Smiling haven't been holy at all since wotlk started

starting easy with the holy build


no brainer

then we have the protection build

after some extended testing this is the build i'll now go for


all it needs between mitigation/threat/fun,
imo reckoning is still a bit of a waste now that we got SoR, HotR powerhouses and SoV getting applied to multiple targets with HotR.
skyhigh AP and crit for some nice 2k dps e-peen tanking

only lackluster might be judgments of the just, but in raids you should always have a Thunderclap token

and finally the retribution build (applauds)

pve build - no brainer, all it needs