[Paladin] Protection - 4.0







Prime: Seal of Truth and ShoR to begin. HotR is a good general purpose 3rd prime, but you can swap in Judgment if you're desperate to maximise single-target TPS.

Major: Holy Wrath for stunning the EleDragoMentals. Avenger's Shield if you're OK with losing the bounce. HoJ if doing H-LK. Consecration is OK

Minor: LoH, BoK, BoM.

Single Target Rotation

Having a look at the 4.0 theorycrafting sites, it seems that the new rotation at 80 will be 939 instead of 696

You hit a Holy Power generator every second GCD. That's the 3's slot.

The "9s" slot goes:

Holy Power is at 3, hit ShoR
Alternate AS/Holy Wrath

Its worth noting that at 80 HotR hits harder than CS single target, so CS isn't worth using unless you want to avoid breaking some CC.

The important thing to note is that getting up your holy power and utilising the stacks once full is your primary aim. Talents like grand crusader are fun but are more AoE focused, frisby hits hard but not hard enough to waste holy power generating rotation (the faster you use your 3 stacks, the faster you can start building your next 3).

AoE Rotation

AoE rotation is stupidly easy: HotR followed by whatever AE is off CD

Reckoning, are you mad?


Well yes and no. Reckoning was seriously bad in TBC and WotLK because of 2 things. Firstly Righteous Fury only increased threat from holy dmg, making melee swings were very minor on the threat table and secondly the dreaded parry hasting.

In 4.01. there was 2 major changes, firstly righteous fury now effects all dmg and this makes Reckoning the 3rd best threat talent and secondly bliz confirmed that Cata bosses would not parry haste.

What about Hallowed Ground?

In TBC and WotLK Consecrate was the pala signature move and produced a nice TPS boost being laid down. In Cata you wont' even be using Consecrate on single target, so its a talent point wasted. EJ marks it down as the worst talent point for threat.


Pala mastery has been played around with a fair bit on the PTR. As it stands it increases your chance of blocking.

'but block sucks?' - Not when it blocks 40% of the hit. Cataclysm paladins take a flat 40% off the hit you just blocked, rather than a fixed number.

Gems & Enchants

With the removal of the defence cap (you have a talent that makes you crit immune) it will be hard to argue against stamina in every slot going.

What Seal / Blessing should i use

Out with the old and in with the new

You should be casting Blessing of Might (raid wide now) on yourself and using Seal of ??

What about the pull

1) Hit Divine Plea, you just got 3 Holy Power

2) (Optional) Hard-cast Exorcism

3) Avenger's Shield (Glyphed with the AS Major if this is a single-target boss fight)

4) (Optional) Judge (if you have time before mob gets to you - you should)

5) ShoR - you just blew your 3 Holy Power and got a massive threat lead. If it missed, press it again.
CS -> 939