[Paladin] Tankadin - Mists of Pandaria

I have been looking over the changes in the talents and spells


Some interesting changes

Crusader Strike doesn't apply the 10% physical debuff, but Hammer does. Does that mean Hammer will be the new single target primary holy power builder.

Judgement now gives holy power. I was hoping they would build the t13 2 piece shield into the spell but no seems not.

Holy shield has gone again, i was just getting used to using it properly Sad

DP is now 40% magic base. I kind of liked having a 1min small cd, especially for 5man heroics when gearing up.

Shield of Righteousness now causes you to block the next attack and increases amount blocked by 25secs for 6secs

BoM increases master by 5, surely that is a typo. 5 mastery is nothing

New spell boundless conviction, not sure if it has a cd. Allows you to build up a reserve of 5 holy power.

New spell Blinding Light = AoE daze

Word of Glory has a 1.5sec cd. Don't get this cd, it needs holy power, so its unlikely you are going to use it more than once every 20secs or so.

Some interesting changes. It seems that they are building in some choices for tanking which is great. Effectively pala get the choice between using holy power for a heal or increasing block. I suspect the choice will come down to whether the boss is going to hit you with a melee or spell attack and how high your health is.

I don't like only having one talent tree for all specs. You end up having pointless talents like Hand of Purity, which reduces cast time on flash heal, only problem is prot pala's won't have flash heal