[paladins] judgments are physical and violets are blue

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Thanks for the report Arrix. This is not actually a bug, Judgement for various technical reasons is considered a melee attack and therefor can not be used while blessing of protection or divine protection is active.
Blizzard QA


I'm speechless.
"Not a bug". Judgment of Righteousness is holy damage, is scaling with spell power, is using *spell hit* (confirmed by blizzard), yet "considered melee for various reasons" so you can't judge a target immune to melee dge.
I am not even mentioning we can't judge while silenced.

Brilliant really, especially after what - 3 years ?

It has very little consequences I guess but it makes me wonder what other surprises Blizzard has for us.
Did you never think something was terribly wrong in the abilities you use ? It might not be a bug yet more than a feeling, just something wrong for technical reasons \o/