[Priest] Holy sh*t, my spirit is gone!

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This is mainly for holy priests but it will also affect shadow and disc.

If you have looked at the loot tables for Firelands you might have noticed that there is no cloth** items with spirit. For holy priests that rely only on spirit for regen it's a major setback. What's even more strange is that there is leather, mail and plate with spirit.

I have been following the growing discontent from blogs, forum posts etc. and most of them assume, including me, that it was just unfinished data from the ptr, but now that the patch is here we can see the brutal reality. Even if there is now huge threads on the official forums there still is no blue reply, so we still don't know if this is intended or just an oversight.

This will mean that we will have a harder time gearing up, compared to other healing classes. Only option for us it the valor vendor and crafted gear, while the valor gear can be upgraded to heroic, the crafted can not and it leaves us with no option later on.

If it turns out to be intended, how do you plan on overcoming this?

I will do everything to get the 2-set tier 12 asap and hope that the regen gained here will make it possible to get some slots without spirit. If not I will just keep my 4-set t11, the 540 spirit might be enough to get some spiritless upgrades. From what I have seen so far in Firelands, I'm sceptic that we can use items without spirit at all, even on the normal modes I have been in max regen set and have been struggling. Of course we are new to the encounters right now and with practice it will be easier on our mana pools, but time will tell.

Another option would be to go disc for the time being, the spec will be able to cover better with the drop in spirit. I will see this as an last resort since I don't really like the healing style, but it might be needed for the heroic content as it looks now.

How do the other holy priests in Vigilantes think about this and how do you plan on getting on with less regen?

** There is a random effect head piece that in theory could have spirit, we don't know yet.