[Priest] Legion Disc Observations

I thought i would put this post to avoid others making the same mistake as me. This is probably pretty obvious to everyone, but it wasn't to me.

When i started 'playing' with disc a few weeks ago, i made the mistake in thinking it was focused around dps, thinking the idea was to get attonment on people that needed healing and then dps'ing to heal them, with a Penance/Smite rotation.

Having watched many vids to get an idea of how people were healing with the class, i realised i was mainly wrong.

Most of the time, disc should be healing directly using Shadow Mend, with Penance thrown in on cd since its so powerful a heal. Using Plea to get attonment on non-priority targets or when you know heavy damage is coming and want to pre-hot the raid/party.

It is good to get up Purge the Wicked, since this is effectively a hot on the tank, who is no doubt going to have Attonment up constantly.

Smite should really only be used for downtime, low intensity healing. The equiv of other healers slow efficient heal.

When you start using Shadow Mend properly and often, the class suddenly becomes a lot more powerful and 5man healing is a lot more comfortable. Grace is a useful talent for 5man's since it helps with Shadow Mend and tank healing.

It took a while, but i am beginning to like the play style, which is more proactive healing, rather than reactive with holy.


I forgot to mention to use PW:S on cd, whilst disc is no longer the bubble god, it is still very powerful and helps shift damage a bit.