[Prot Pala] Dodge vs Parry

In TBC i hated parry because it led to parry hasting and on the fights like prince, that meant a dead tank.

I was thinking about diminishing returns combined with the ICC aura and was wondering whether parry could now be viable.

The maths kind of went over my head and then some but the conclusion is pretty simple

You gear for parry only ever if the following formula applies for your character (parry provides more avoidance if it applies).

(dodge%-10)/(parry%-10) > 1.88

The way the aura works make this still work inside ICC.

In conclusion, dodge still rules.

Saying that i rarely gem anything but stamina but there are some red sockets i do want and its clear that dodge is far better than parry. Agility is something that prot pala's are now considering though.