[Tanking] Anub'arak

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We are yet to get past twins but that will not take to much longer! When we do there is something we need to have prepared to be able to tackle Anub'arak and that is regarding the ads.

The adds on Anub stack their debuff, and will hit a tank for up to 30k if the tank is solo tanking them.

This is not the case with Block however. Block interferes with the mechanic that the adds use; reducing their damage heavily. To the point where 30k hits become 2k hits. The tank therefore only takes 8k of damage every second instead of 120k, making it possible to solo tank all 4 adds.

This is really the only way to do Anub as far as i've read. Blizzard are aware and have said that this is no bug - this is intentional to favor Block-value classes, to bring them back.

The tank needs 3k of block ranking to handle the ads. I manged to find what a few of these so called 'block tank's' are using just for this encounter.

  • Shield is open to negotiation; however Crystal Plated Vanguard (heroic or non heroic) is truly BiS(best in slot) for this, with shield block enchants etc. So the shield, is up to you. (Icehowl)
  • Legs ~ T9
  • Helm ~ T9
  • Boots ~ Inexorable Sabatons (BoE; drop from Spider wing naxx 25)
  • Bracers ~ Bindings of the Hapless Prey (Maexxna 25)
  • Waist ~ Dragonslayer's Brace (Razorscale 25man)
  • Shoulders ~ Pauldrons of the Silver Defender (Fact Champions)
  • Neck ~ The Warlord's Depravity (TotC - 5man HC, Black Kinght )
  • Ring ~ Signet of the Earthshaker (BoE, XT)
  • Ring ~ Unsmashable Heavy Band (Ingvar the Plunderer, 5man (use whatever ring u want here, this is blue))
  • Gloves ~ Handguards of the Enclave (Iron Council 25man)
  • Chest ~ Unbreakable Chestguard (Auriaya 25man)
  • Cloak ~ Tattered Castle Drape (BoE, blue)
  • Trinket ~ Lavanthor's Talisman (a mini shield wall, Violet Hold)

    Coren's Lucky Coin Not on the main 'list' but is a nice addition in case you did not manage to collect all items on the list.

    That's all the block value the guys i looked up used. Getting 3k block with it. This means you can solo tank the adds. Be ready!

    So Khronos, Dubbelhaka and any future Paladin/Warrior tanks please start working on getting these items and building your 'block set'. Maybe not exactly these listed here, however the goal is to get 3k block without taking away to much of your 'normal' tank stats. Therefore i strongly recommend you aim for the items listed.

    The guild will assist you in any way you might need help in getting these items, don't forget that! :)