[Three Vigies] 3v3 Team Discussion

Before we start going into discussions how we fight, communicate, gear up etc. I would appreciate if all of the team members could express their expectations and basics about how we go about the Arena team.

From my side I am really looking for a kind, friendly environment where we can start exploring completely new area of what the game has to offer, get to know it, understand, and with the time get good at it, but first of all to have fun and enjoy just doing things together.

I would really like to see no pressure be it now at the start or later in few weeks/months on the result/rating of the team, and instead would love to see emphasis put on a joy of doing something together outside of raids.

For example if you find a joy in grinding honor in AV and such to get as much resiliance gear for the Arena fight, than great, it will certainly help our progress, but if you do not, that's also OK, and our slower but still a progres will get us sooner or later some Arena rewards with the resiliance on it.

In terms of members, the team was created today by Marandol, Stellvia and myself, soon I expect to see Scypher and Shadowbeam to join, and hopefully another healer if there will be a one interested in guild. From that moment I would love to see the team as stable as possible, but from my perspective it should be really free environment, where you can come and go as you feel like. In real life my passion outside of WoW is diving, where there is one golden rule I always obey, and it would be very applicable to our Arena team: "Any diver, can resign from a dive at any moment, for any reason" and the attitude of the rest of the team should be "no questions asked, surely he/she had a good reason".

I also would like to stress, that at the beginning the Arena experience will be very frustrating for us. Be prepared for it and just take it easy. I expect it will be very hard for us to win any of the initial 10 games untill our rating drops to lower level where we will face people at the similar skill/gear level. So remember, this Arena team is by no means to be the champions right away, we simply will not be, it is all about doing some things together outside of riding Smiling We might get pro in Arena at some point, but it will take us long weeks and months to achieve shall we decide to get there Smiling And what we need to focus while on the way ther is to have as much fun and joy together as possible Smiling

Any other thoughts from the team?