5V5 group PvP vigilantes style

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Me and Ione where thinking of making a 5v5 PvP group with only vigilantes in em with the name "Vigilantes"or any other suggestions.
Now since we can slap 10 members in a 5v5 guild thing ( 5 core members who sighn and 5 benchwarmers) i think it wil be a nice way for all of us to enjoy PvP with some really nice rewards.
If i`m correct the cost of making this 5v5 group will cost about 40 gold per person if we divide this 5 ways.. but if we can get 10 people we can make it 20 gold each which is much more apealing.
So if any are interested in some nice PvP ing with good rewards with the guild please reply to this post.
If i get enough people for it i`ll make the PvP group and invite the people.

I hope to hear from you guys soon.

Sincerely Someone.

P.s. if you have any other suggestions about the name it`s open for debate...