Hey guys i didn't want to take up space since since i was only in the guild 2 days but i thought it was rude not to explain why i left. Before i applied i was considering quitting due to lack of guild raiding again in my previous guild but decided to take a chance on vigi and no other guild because you guys have been around for while and also i knew glorin/eury from previous guild. Smiling

I thought the progress was fine, raid leading was fine but other than the raid leader hardly anyone else spoke all night which i thought with it being the flex group and not the mythic group, i expected alot more social aspect along side the progress. So unfortunately its not what i was looking for, so i just wanted to apologise for any ones time being wasted and thank you for the opportunity. Smiling

Good luck to the mythic team and the flex team in your future progress.
Am now gonna run my wow sub down till it ends and call it a day and pick up some new hobbies Smiling

Freezcore 0/