Bug with inspect

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Lo all a lot of people, me too, wondered why inspecting others ingame result in nothing to show, the inspect window doesn't show up at all.
Asking i've been told it's an issue related to the talent tree changes and also wowarmory isn't working properly at all and won't be fixed until cata release.
Today i surfed the EU forum and wasn't able to find any info while on US i found something more clear, it's actually a bug that has been caused from the patch but it's solvable.

So anyone experiencing this can just execute a full UI reset, these are the steps:

1) Go to your wow folder.
2) Rename WTF and Interface folder (i.e WTF_old and Interface_old).
3) Delete CACHE folder.

Vista/7 users:
1bis) Go to your virtual store.
2bis) Delete CACHE folder.

everyone again:
Run warcraft right clicking Launcher.exe "Run as administrator" where appliable otherwise just run it.

enter wow and enjoy the inspect funtion restored.

now the sad part.... mess up again reinstalling addons and custom interfaces.....