CT_RABossMods update & CTRA Beta b1.52

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We had planned on putting a version of CTRA up with some fixes/changes, but then learned of Blizzard's 1.10 plans which will disable Mana Conserve and require a change to Res Monitor. We now plan on releasing our next version of CTRA either shortly before or right after WoW's 1.10 patch hits, as we need to ensure everything else functions as intended with the new code changes.

That being said, CT_RABossMods is up on our downloads page with a number of updates including:
- Hakkar timer fix.
- AQ20 boss mods for General Rajaxx, Buru the Gorger, Moam, Ayamiss the Hunter, Ossirian the Unscarred.
- AQ40 mod for Anubisath Defenders.
- AQ40 boss mods for The Prophet Skeram, Battleguard Sartura, Princess Huhuran, The Twin Emperors.

Also available on our Beta mods page is CTRA b1.52 which includes some fixes/optimizations, and a new transparency feature for groups. Check it out to see it in action. Note that this version does not have the updates for the Test server yet.

People who run ZG/AQ raids should download the new BossMod addon to make those raids more "enjoyable" Smiling

Those who are on the cutting edge and like bugs can try the CTRA beta.