Different day different bug

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Yesterday i took the chance i was rotated to go on with old reputations, i went to do netherwing in SMV after finishing when i left netherwing ledge my mount didn't turn back to the regular protodrake, sometimes happened but never like yesterday.
I went to the allerian stronghold to repair then go to fish for the lobster achievement.
I mounted again my proto, and didn't notice i was again on the nether drake until i arrived to the school of fish.
Odd i said... whatever.... equip my pole, cast and... [-fishing] [+riding] again mounted on the nether drake... dismounted re casted and [-fishing] [+riding] again mounted tried mounting a ground only mount and pufff again nether drake again...
Right click on satrina buff addon revealed that the last update they just added a feature that say in chat "rightclick or double click on a buff has been disabled 'cause blizzard changes"
I thought satrina was playing me tricks i logged out removed satrina back in and ... again nether drake manually removed the nether drake buff worked... until i casted the pole again to fish... changed mount, and i always was on a nether drake.... /cancelaura and many other macro commands found on the web all removed the buff until.. i mount again or start fishing... nether drake keep popping under my ass even if i port in dalaran or ta da.... azeroth... (no doesn't fly in SW... just act as a ground ... nether drake mount :\ )
Sick of it i changed character.. went to krasus landing.. and mounted my magic carpet... puff.. nether drake... aaaargh.. and this one didn't ever started the chain to become friendly with them...
am i doomed to mount a nether drake until next wednesday? sigh....