DK tanking spec

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Ello there, for those who don`t know me all that well i`m the irritating macro addictive gnome at heart Someone and i made a Dk gnome.
I want to start tanking as a DK when i hit lvl 80 as i`ve done it before in unholy specc many times before in normal instances and found it alot of fun ( strange i hook up with a group as dps but i seem to out tank the tank each time due to my dps output and my imba HP and armour ( for my lvl ).
So now i ask you forum trolls and all you experianced Dk players if you`ve seen a really nice DK tanking spec and could post a nice specc for me if it`s not too much trouble.
It would be very much apreciated.

Someone lvl 70 gnome warlock
Somebody lvl 70 shammie
Everyone lvl 79 Gnome DK

All hail the Chaos Lord.

And to Zordon: Superblah!

P.s. and wow i just saw that i`m a member of Vigilantes for 3 years and 2 weeks now Smiling)