Feral Cats talent overview - Are you using the correct talents? Fury Swipes vs Infected Wounds

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Those of you who play as a feral cat (and maybe even those of you who don't) knows that there is a staple talent tree for kittys with not much variation as to talents. Now i have seen some trees which as left me questioning their viability. These are

Talent tree with Infected Wounds

Talent tree with Fury Swipes

Is it viable to put 3 points on Fury Swipes when it only has 15% chance and put none on Infected Wounds which causes movement and attack speed reduction?

In my opinion its not worth counting on that 15% which Fury Swipes causes and instead count more on that attack and movement reduction, which in turn has a one more point to spend on Predatory Strikes which allows Ravage! to have a 50% chance to crit on a target at or above 80% health since it is generally used as an opener on a boss in combination with Stampede, thus making it a free Ravage!.

As of patch 4.1, feral cats gained some important changes in their spells and talents as announced by Blizzard Druid patch notes, which is hopefully the foundation for some major changes. first Berserk no longer has a global cooldown, which is important for pve and pvp and also Swipe has doubled in damage. Now for the most important change for ferals which will make them a great asset for raids and dungeons is Feral Swiftness which allows Stampeding Roar and Dash to remove all movement impairing effects from the selected targets, which implies that Stampeding Roar can remove all movement impairing effects from all friendly players which will prove very useful.

Hope you'll find this outline useful. If you have any questions just leave a comment here or send me a pm, in the mean time happy pawing!