Flex team update

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So, it's been a while since the last update, we didn't even post BRF kills, but with a new raid tier launched, it's time for some news.

The last few weeks have been a real struggle for our team, as we lacked sign-ups and had to use a lot of band-aids to even get raids going. Still we managed to get 9/10 hc in BRF, which was not bad at all. All in all it feels like that tier lasted too long and people started losing interest.

With the launch of 6.2 sign-ups increased and the last 2 raids we had a team of around 15 people, but we're still having people go offspec. We could use some mroe dps, but so far recruitment has been ineffective, so if you know someone interested, direct them to an officer or our website please! Even with this less than ideal setup, we managed to kill 8 new bosses on normal, which I did not expect at all! Usually a new tier takes some time to get used to and we start of with 3-4 kills the first week, so we did good! Maybe some fights are undertuned (gorefiend f.e. seems a lot harder than Fel Lord Zakuun (thank you loot-pinata!)) but at least we'll get some easy gear upgrades before we venture into heroic.

Let's hope we can keep the current level of sign-ups and keep pushing forward, and maybe get some new blood in to avoid having to use offspecs. My thanks to everyone who commited to the team and helped us getting to where we are at the moment.