Fortexorcist - Help

I was having real problems monitoring my cooldowns and DoTs last night, and whilst i could setup some poweraurs for each ability, i kind of like the idea of bars since i got used to them on my shaman. I would prefer powerauras but find that if you don't use a spec/aura regularly you don't tend to follow them easily and so its not a great solution for me.

I was debating using classtimers but remember that Fortexorcist was rather handy for this, since you could have a time bar with each ability ticking down on it, which makes monitoring everything at once reasonably easy.

My own problem is that last time i tried Fortexorcist it took me around an hour to get it setup.

Any Fortexorcist experts that could help me get it sorted?

I want to turn off all the functions other than the ability to track

1) My DoTs on target
2) My cooldowns

Don't want it to show anything else.

Any tips for this would be ace.