Grid - 4.0

Good news is that the latest version of Grid is working fine, its an alpha release but works

It seems that gridstatushots has also been updated, again alpha but should work

Gridmanabars seems to have been updated also, but again alpha version

Ditto for gridstatusraiddebuff

I am still awaiting updates to


But the post at the following indicates they should be updated soon

There doesn't appear to be any news on gridstatuslifebloom yet, but I guess the statushots will work ish.

Same with gridstatusmissingbuffs

Gridstatusrole doesn't appear to have been updated, but the last version is fairly recent so might work

I haven't tried this one before, but was going to install it for my priest, gridstatusshield seems to have been updated

I think that is all the major grid plugins covered.

Still hoping for more updates before tonight.