Guild, Raid & Rotation rules!

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The officers have finished reviewing all the old rules, tossed out the stuff thats just fluff, and refined what was left into more practical and enforceable rules. Most of the rules will go into effect immediately, but for the first week or so officers will give friendly warnings instead of following through on the threats. This gives everyone in the guild a chance to get used to the altered rules, after a week the excuse "I didn't see or read them" will not fly.

Starting with Karazhan 16.1 the raid attendance rule will start kicking in. For the first week or so the bar will be set at 50%, those above will be given priority over those below 50%. Every week following the officers will evaluate the progress, and rise the requirements until we reach the goal of mainly having 75%+ attendance raids. There will be more information about this when we publish the attendance statistics.

On the subject of punishments, once you read through the rules you will see that some of the penalties include potential gold donations to the guild for breaking them. This is a bit of a trial project to see if it has the desired effect, if it turns out to cause problems or not be enough of a deterrent we will update the rules with other forms of penalty (potentially of the VRP type). In any case, avoiding most of the punishments should be easy enough with some respect and common sense.

In addition we will setup a new forum on the site where officers will post details about any rule violations. This will function both as a conduit for informing the membership at large about who has been bad lately, as well as allow us a record to more easily detect repeat offenders.

Enjoy the new rules, next up we will announce more in depth information on officer and class leaders tasks and responsibilities!


Guild rules

  • All members are expected to treat others, but guild members and the community at large, with respect and behave like decent intelligent humans. Anyone found to be a constant cause of drama and complaints risk removal from the guild.
  • Players who are offline for more than one month without having informed the guild officers will be removed from the guild without warning.
  • Alts are allowed in the guild, but they must have the rank of Alt and have a player not that matches the main of the person. It is the responsibility of the player to make sure the rank and note is correct. Alts that are found not to comply risk being removed from the guild.
  • Alts belonging to players who move their mains to other guilds will be removed from the guild.
  • Applying to other guilds without prior approval from the guild officers may result in removal of raid privileges or removal from the guild.
  • The guild has two types of members: raiders and casuals. Raiders will be kept to a higher standard than the casual members will, and get priority on raid attendance. At no times should a casual take the raid slot of a raider, except for when taking the raider will hinder the raid, for example due to class balance. To retain the raider status it is required to follow all the raid rules, as well as maintain at least an average raid attendance of 75% in the last 30 days. Raiders who fail to meet those requirements will become casual members. Casual members can work their way up to raider status by showing a commitment to following the raid rules and increasing their raid attendance to 75%+. However, if a class/role is overpopulated already a casual may have to wait on gaining raider status until a spot opens up. Raiders that have to miss out on raids for an extended period of time will have to talk to their class leader and raid officer to determine if they will be allowed to retain raider status upon their return, or become a casual and have to re-earn their status. Recruitment of new raiders will be based on the number of raiders.
  • New invites to casual members are only given out in exceptional cases, and in each case requires a standard application and officer approval. Casual members are required to understand that they do not have the right to demand raiding privileges, but are allowed to request them by talking to their class leader and raid officer. Any complaints or whining about raiding from casual members will result in severe punishment by the officers, including immediate removal from the guild.
  • Officers are required to enforce all the guild rules, and raid leaders are required to enforce all the raid rules. Failure to do so results in the officer/leader having to make his own Numa Numa video, or donate 150g to the guild bank.

Raid rules

  • Raid invites start 15 minutes before raid start. The raid leader may replace players who are not online 15 minutes before start time to ensure that the raid starts on time.
  • All signed up players — active, reserve, rotated — are to meet at the raid instance before raid invites start. Failing to be at the designated meeting stone before raid invites may result in being replaced by someone who is.
  • Summons after raid invites have started require a donation of 25g to the guild bank.
  • Everyone signed up for the event should be fully prepared. This includes being properly repaired, have their gear gemmed and enchanted, fully stocked up on reagents and consumables, and having the necessary addons installed. Failure to do so may result in the offending player being sent back to the city and prepare properly, or being replaced by another player who is properly prepared.
  • Everyone is required to connect to Teamspeak and be able to listen in, microphone is optional. The raid leader can choose to make the use of Teamspeak optional. The nickname used by members should start with their main characters name. Failure to comply will result in being replaced or fined 10g.
  • Individual players who cause the raid to start after the specified start time for whatever reason are subject to being replaced or donating 10g for every minute the raid starts late to the guild bank.
  • Everyone is expected to have read up on tactics and any other posts related to the event in advance of the event. The more time people spend researching in advance and knowing what to do, the less time we waste on the raid itself. People who clearly have no clue on what is expected of them are subject to removal from the raid
  • Raid leaders will ensure there is a 5-10 minute break at least every 2 hours. It is expected that everyone is capable of remaining focused and not having to go AFK between breaks. Players who go AFK without warning on a regular basis will be replaced if possible.
  • Raid leaders are responsible for collecting any non-bind on pickup drops that are required for crafting and any uncommon or better Bind on Equip items.
  • Being focused is essential for a successful raid, so try to minimize any possible distractions and give 100% to the raid. If you don't you make the experience worse for everyone else attending, and may result in removal in raiding privileges.
  • Finally, remember that raids are supposed to be a fun activity so do not take it too seriously. If we have a bad night we have a bad night. Just make sure the bad night is not caused by something you failed to do prior to the raid (not being properly geared, enchanted, lacking consumables, etc). Doing a little bit of the less fun work in advance will more likely result in the raiding being a fun and challenging activity!


  • Note: officers and raid leaders can ignore these rotation rules if they hinder more successful raids and progress.
  • Raid events are setup with a certain grace time, anyone who signs up within this period are then taken on the raid or rotated (benched). Sign ups after the grace period is still allowed, but these are treated as late sign ups and are not given priority on the raid. Sign up early, and often!
  • Anyone who breaks one of the raid rules or fails to show up for the raid is automatically given a raid offense for it. Members may dispute a raid offense by contacting the Raid officer within 48 hours. The raid officer will then issue a ruling on having it rescinded or not. This ruling is final and any further complains will result in stronger punitive actions taken.
  • All guild members have a rotation counter — number of times they have been rotated — and a raid offenses counter — number of times they have broken the raid rules or not shown up to raids. The rotation counter minus the offenses counter is their raid priority score. These counters only track raids during the last 90 days.
  • Rotations take into consideration several factors:
    1. Raiders are given priority over Casuals.
    2. Grace period sign ups have priority over Late sign ups.
    3. Those with a higher raid priority score (been rotated the most and behaved best on the raids) have priority over those with a lower core.