Help starting on a new server needed.

Hi all

I plan to start a character on another server.
But since I am lazy I would like to be able to buy
bags and such and have some spending cash
for professions and levelling.
So, my question to you all is:
Do anyone have an alt on a server that is nice,
perhaps one with a few thousand gold that he/she
do not need at once. Five would be perfect, but willing
to discuss less or more.

I will give you money on Doomhammer in
exchange for some on the new server.
All I care about is that it is a PvE server (or a RP)
I do not want a PvP-server.

If anyone can help, let me know here or ingame.

Thank you kindly

ps. Can even pay 1.5k for each 1K on the new server if that helps.
; )>>>