Hunter Compilation of bugs and other reported nasties so far

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* Multi-Trapping nerfed. 2nd trap, breaks first. (4x BL, Resourcefullness and Readiness further reduced in viability due change)

* Trap Activation range now 1y. (direct contact, down from 2yards, unconfrmed)

* FD+Drink = no go @ raid bosses

* FD+Feed Pet = no go @ raid bosses

* FD+GearSwap = no go @ raid bosses (trinket switching gone, according to GM reason for all other FD problems)

* FD doesn't work in PVP, enemy doesn't lose target

* FD doesn't reset boss aggro

* Pet dps scaling nerfed (~15% pet dps loss)

* Ranks 1-5 arcane, no rap scaling.

* Pet's can't attack targets with back to the wall.

* Pet pathing FUBAR.

* Pet's aggro half an instance when trying to get to target that has back to the wall.

* Pet's can't hit players in arena if they have their back to the pillar.

* Castsequence macros broken.

* Stings 10% scaling, missing...

* MS Aimed debuff on diminishing returns (unconfirmed, players report early drops of debuff)

* Expose Weaknes, missing target (still missing... bug from BWL times..)

* Pets randomly despawning on random events (all classes)