Im outta here

Hey you guys mightve noticed i left Vigilantes. I just wanna point out the reason why im leaving so i hopefully dont burn to many bridges.

First of i wanna say i didnt leave mainly for lack of progession, that was mostly my second concern.
My biggest concern is that this guild clashes with my personality as a raider way to much. This guild is to "carebeary" for its own good in my honest opinion and im not the person to be carebeary as some u mightve read in the few posts i made in the "Criticism and Raiding" thread.
When i raid i honestly dont care if i point out mistakes and people get hurt the whole "ooh but its better kept in private" is something I disagree with, Why? because i firmly belive if things get public it alerts not only one person to work on their shit but everyone to.
Why didnt you just bring this up instead of leaving? Because this isnt the way most people in Vigi wants Vigi to work and i respect people for that everyone has their own opinons on how to run a guild or raidteam and mine is just to different compared to how the officers/leaders want this guild to run
i also want to clarify that i actully really liked 90% of people in the raid team and i really enjoyed raiding with yall
I wish all of u the best. Hope some of us can keep in touch