The Life of a Shadow Priest - Tier 5 Edition

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The Basics

Dots, dots, dots. Vampiric Touch and Shadow Word: Pain are your priority 1 spells. These should be up at all times. AT ALL TIMES!

Remember that VT has half the duration of SWP so it needs to be recast a lot more often, and a 1.5 second cast time. So get yourself a mod that shows the duration of your dots as you want to start casting VT when the current one is <1.5 seconds left. Currently I use DotDotDot, but anything thats accurate will do.

Mastering your dots is often the difference between an excellent shadow priest, and a so so one. A good place to go learn is to visit Dr Boom in Netherstorm and do a little workout session.

Between waiting for your dots to expire and having to recast them you have 3 choices: Mind Flay, Mind Blast and Shadow Word: Death. Mastering the usage of these is the next step. Of these Mind Flay is the only one that can be spammed, and is your spell of choice if you have mana or threat problems. As you gear improves weaving in Mind Blast and Shadow Word: Death every time they are off cooldown will boost your damage b quite a lot. Do not underestimate how much damage these spells will do. Just watch out with the SWD spam so you don't kill yourself Smiling

Shadow Priests are a very mana hungry class, so for most fights expect to use 2-6 Super Mana Potions until gear lets you ease up. In addition a Shadow Fiend should be used 2-3 times so use it early, and use it often.

And finally Vampiric Embrace, use this if you are a SWD addict and you aren't threat limited. Caution is advised on fights where there are adds that spawn or threat wipes.



100% VT/SWP uptime. Seriously. Ignore the raid leaders that call for no dots, they don't live on the dark side. For real. The challenge here is to keep all your dots up without taking aggro on the phase changes. How? Fade is your friend. Improved Fade sucks, btw, don't spec it. So anyway, keep VT/SWP up and just hit fade when the tanks are switching. Just don't cast any other spells until the tanks have built up some threat then start on the MB/SWD/MF spam again.

Just in case, remember to move to the right side of the flags as well, living on the dark side is fun, being hated by 24 others not so much.

VE can be used, but not recommended unless the tanks are really generating a lot of threat.

For extra credit: spam SWP on all the adds so AOE is 5% more effective. Don't do this if you have mana problems.


This fight is quite fun as a SP. No threat limit, and no jumping in and out of water for spout. The secret trick for non stop spam here is to get into the water as soon as lurker is up, gets dots up and use VE! If you are skilled enough you will do enough healing through VE to be able to stay in the water 100% and just keep spamming. The rest of your group can do the same, but they never listen to me and keep jumping up on platforms so screw them. If they suddenly see the dark side just spread out a bit so you don't all go flying Smiling

It is still necessary to jump when Lurker Dives. For the adds don't waste mana on SWP as they wont live long enough for it to matter. Save some mana, kill the fish. VT is still useful though.


Urk, welcome to the land of pain. This guy is a pain in the ass with the short Mind Flay range. In any case 100% dot uptime again. Unlike Hydross fade cooldown is too long here to use it proactivly, but if he heads your way after a WW or a phase change just hit it and he will go elsewhere.

Appart from clever fade usage move out of MF range when there is 5 seconds left on the WW cooldown, move to MB/SWD range and use those till he starts spinning, then just run to the nearest wall and stay there. Use MB when he spins into range, and wait for the tank to pick him up again. Repeat.

When he switches to demon form wait for the warlock to pick him up, then go to town and nuke him down.

VE is death on this fight, so don't use it.

Inner demons, it helps if you remember to cast SW:Shield on yourself before they spawn just in case. Then get up VT, SWP, cast MB, and then MF till you can MB again and finish off with a SWD. Depending on your crits/gear you might get away with just using MB once. If you are low on health or have problems use a low rank Physic Scream so he doesn't run too far away and MF kite him for a bit. If you can't kill your inner demon with 10 seconds to spare you deserve to be possessed.

Remember, run to the wall, do not walk backwards!


This guy isn't so bad, just costs a lot of mana potions.

Don't use VE until the hunter is dead or his pet might kill you, apart from that it shouldn't be an issue.

Ignore the Spitfire totem, dots don't work on it and the other dps should be able to kill it. If they aren't up to the task then you should help out with a MB/SWD, but odds are you can ignore it.


100% dots, no VE, no real threat limit. Have fun. Oh and drink plenty of mana pots.


No clue yet Smiling



Phase 1 no threat to worry about so go crazy. Again, use plenty of mana potions.

Phase 2 don't use VE or you risk getting some embers after you. Focus on Al'ar and ignore the adds as switching targets frequently is a killer for SP efficiency. However, if the other casters can't close the deal on the adds you have to help them out, and secretly hate them for being so slow Laughing out loud

Void Reaver

Dodge orbs, watch threat, don't use VE. Loot.


By now you should know what to do, just don't blow up the raid.

Extra credit: kill Stellvia without taking out anyone else. *Vanish*


As if.