Looking for 3v3 team members

Together with Marandol's hunter alt, Belgore, we are seeking member(s) for a 3v3 team, to fill out some of our spare time with Arena fun.

There is one condition only: you have to be new to PvP Arena, like we are, so that we can learn and discover it all together, and have fun while learning and progressing as a Team Smiling Alternatively if you are experienced in it AND have a nature and passion as a mentor or a teacher for us, this should also work well Eye-wink

We also would appreciate some advices from experienced Arena players what would be a good setup for 3v3 team in general, and especially what would be good 3rd member on top of Hunter and a Mage. In any case to complete our basic team of Hunter+Mage I suppose we primarily need a healer now.

3v3 team should have as a minimum obviously 3 ppl, but can go up to 6 in team, which than play in groups of 3.

If you are interested - please post here and we will be making the team some time over the weekend. We will have to buy the team slot or something from a vendor, price is 80g, so founding members will need to cover that as a honor and a price Eye-wink

For those who do not know much about Arena: points are awarded once per week, after maintenence on Wednesday morning. To get points you have to play 10 games during the week. One game lasts just few minutes, and waiting time is like 5-8 min or so. The more games you win, the better "rating" the team has, and therefore the more points you get on Wednesday. If the team is really poor, like we will be at the beginning, you can get about 250 points per week, much more when we will start winning a lot. One good Arena Season 3 item costs about 1500 points. Some items like wand or off-hand are at or below 1000 points. The primary stat for Arena is resiliance, that's why all PvP gear has this one.