This made my day...

Blizz has a big forum feedback campaign atm where you can write about your concerns of your class, what you think needs to be fixed etc.

As it's always interesting to see what the general main concerns are I like to flip through other classes threads (yea I'm a whiney mage). After scanning the usual main mage concerns like always oom, class sets has spirit which is good for nothing, stationary casts are not usable in pvp, locks are better aoeers and overall damage is not high enough compared to survivability, the first interesting which made me smile is locks forum.

The pet +hit scales not well enough.

But ofc in the hunter forum it always get a bit better so this really made my day:

(a) Melle Abilities. The lack of these abilites makes close combat a bit hard.

I will copy that in my mage concern thread immediatly hehe.