Muppets till Mists

Seems we now have DS heroic on farm. Absolutely amazing work everyone, certainly the best team I have raided with in WoW.

People still want t13 gear, so our main focus will continue to be DS

Outside that we want to get everyone at least one drop mount. These will be ultra rare as soon as the expansion hits and so it's something we can use in Mists to show how well we did in Cata Smiling

I would ask that we give some thought to fellow raiders, if you have a cata raiding drop mount and someone else doesn't, maybe consider passing. It shouldn't be needed but would be a shame if they changed the drop rates without everyone getting one

Outside mount and DS farming, we are going to try and get the remaining t11-13 achievement completed

Whilst doing this, we are going to try and shorten the raids as much as possible, so we can be nice and fresh for manic levelling and raiding in Mists.