Mythic Raiding

I have been hearing people talk about Mythic raiding, both positively and negatively.

Le'ts be clear, we are a heroic raiding guild, end of story.

Our first priority is to clear the current content, which will hopefully take some time. I am hoping the final bosses will be more of a challenge and take a bit of time to kill and get onto farm.

Our second priority is to gear up with heroic level items, so we are ready for the next tier.

Mythic does not enter our priority list at this stage, for a few reasons.

1. We would need at least 30-35 raiders to achieve it, since mythic is less forgiving to poor setups, which would mean people would need to be rotated to progress. As such we do not have the numbers.

2. We have always set our goals around being a fun raiding guild that has some progress, which means we have a pretty large skill delta. Not everyone in Vigi has put in the time and practice to push their class to the level we would need to do Mythics. Whilst we can drop these people out of the team for mythic, it comes back to we do not have enough people.

3. We have a number of raiders that do not want to push the harder content and don't like to wipe for weeks on end on a single boss and this is fine, we are not that team.

As such, forget about Vigi mythic raiding. If we finally get any mythic kills, it will be like previous tiers, the cherry on the top of the cake and will only happen once we out gear it enough, to have some fun but not hit a wall, so read as closing weeks of the tier at best.

Now let's focus on getting 10/10 heroic Smiling