new 3v3 pvp team

mufflonicus's picture

Anyhow, someone's 3v3 team is great and all, but shy is really keen on pvping and I kinda agreed / got the idea to create a new pvp team.
This will be as balanced as possible team, so except me and shy there will be no intermixing of same class.

The roster will be:
Mufflonicus, holy paladin
Shynaski, holy/retri paladin
Neptaliuss, Warlock
Pyrox, Mage (also ninja'd from same team)
Alberte, shadow priest
*spot reserved for melee dps (melee warr or maybe feral druid)*

the admittance fee will be 20 g / person to cover the 120 g creation cost, non-refundable if you leave.
The team name will be "No Life Within".

I would really like to be able to stick in the current team I'm in atm until arena points are rewarded, I believe pyrox would like the same.
Intention is a well balanced pvp team where a good variation of players will be available to pvp at any given time we do intend to pvp.