New Raiding System

Background to Changes

We set out raiding again in this expansion with no real expectations, we just wanted to see some of the content and have some fun.

As it turned out, we have done much better than we expected and this has resulted in the guild being split effectively into two, half wanting to continue casual relaxed raiding and half the guild wanting to push forward a little.

We have progressively realised that satisfying everyone in the current setup is an impossible task.

However, we want to maintain the founding idea of relaxed raiding as the core of Vigi raiding for this expansion.

As such we have discussed, at length, what options we to try and get the best of both worlds, and every option has positives and negatives.

New Approach

The solution we would like to try is to setup a dedicated heroic team, as part of the main raiding team.

Our intention is that we will continue to clear the normal modes and heroics with the guild as a whole, as now, but for the new heroic bosses we will start them with the heroic team.

We know it is not the ideal solution, but we hope it will satisfy most of you. The players that want casual relaxed raiding, will get to see the content like now and progress through it and the players that want a little more work and to push the heroics will get to do it.


How it will work in Nighthold, is that we will start off the content on normal mode with the team as a whole. Once we have cleared normal mode, we will start on the heroic bosses with the smaller team, to help push some progression and ultimately help recruitment. Once a boss is on 'farm' by the smaller team, we will start working on it with the full raid team, effectively giving everyone the benefit from the tactic learning of the smaller team.

This should mean that everyone will, over the course of the tier, be able to see and kill all the heroic bosses.


We want to keep the heroic raiding team as open as possible and allow people to move in and out of the team as suits them, however we will need to set some basic requirements.

  1. Fully flasked with current expansion flasks for new heroic kills
  2. Buffed with current expansion food for new heroic kills
  3. Full current expansion enchanted
  4. An understanding of the boss, through watching boss kill vids
  5. Able to attend at least 50% of raids, ideally more.

We also expect you to be able to perform to the level of the content, e.g. for DPS we would expect for current content that you achieve more than 250k dps on every boss fight, whilst avoiding most of the avoidable damage.

Please post here if you would like to be considered for the 'heroic' sub team.

Vigi Raid Council