Official rules for respecs / main char switches

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Here it is, the finalized set of rules regarding respecs and main character switches.

The following rules apply to respecs or main character switches that change your main role in raids.
The following rules do NOT apply to respecs done based on officer or class leader requests to optimize our raid roster.

1) Respecs/main character switches need to be announced one month in advance to give the officers time to find a replacement.
2) Once the respec/main character switch is done the raider status is lost.
3) If and when raiding in the new role is possible again depends on vacancies in the new raid role department, as well as the gear level in the new role of the person in question.
4) People respecing/switching their mains are subjected to trial runs determining their raid capability in the new role regarding equipment and skill just like any new recruit.
If found to have failed the trial (judged by the officers and class leaders) you are given a week to improve your gear / skill and get one more guild raid, getting reviewed once more. If you fail again you lose your raider status permanently or have to respec to your original talents.

These rules take effect immediately.