pala forum - inputs on 31/0/30

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So there I was naked in the grass drooling at my shiny little.. Thunder, wondering what to do with it.

Nostalgic from the days of retribution when we didn't have to care about healing anyone else than us, a time where paladins were not even considered healers, I decided that I wanted to go "retribution hybrid", up to vengeance. I'll just share my thougts since it's actually one fun of a build Smiling

Why vengeance and not only sanctity aura with a 40/0/21 is simple: a holy shock or JoR will obviously benefit more from 10% more dge rather than a flat +100 to spell dge.
All in all on paper I was damn sure that spe was kickass and I was very happy to have my little glowing hands back every now and then.
I made 2 Karazhan raids and solo healed one heroic, and healing was just about fine. I don't miss the 120 healing. I do miss the -0,5 sec on Holy Light CD, and sometimes I miss divine illumination, but all in all I got the most important: a fair spell crit %.
31 in holy are fine, I'm now conviced about that. At least going 41 won't make you able to solo heal Kara.

Now the 30 in retribution. A lot of dge goodies, and the mighty SoC, sanctity and the cute vengeance.
At first I wanted to go for the spellpower retribution style, and faced the crual reality: SoR outdges SoC when fully loaded in spellpower for obvious reasons. However, SoRcan't crit, only JoR can, so vengeance is rarely up.
I then decided to go for more melee crit and AP to use SoC. Vengeance was up way more (since SoC can crit), but my holy shock became more of a waste of mana, as was my JoC.
All in all going for melee gear and SoC without Crusader Strike is quiet pointless, and going a bit deep in ret in spell power gear is pointless as well.

Conclusion: for this build to work it needs spellpower, melee crit and AP, 3 things that come only together on T4+ sets.
Morality: I'm still conviced this build has a lot of potential. In My gimped "dps" gear I can still dish out regularly some nice combos (1,3k hit + 1,7k Soc proc + 1,2k holy shock + 800 JoC all in 1 second got me killed in Arcatraz yesterday), it just needs some rare gear.
However, definitly a spe I would recomand over the 40/0/21 if you want to go dge hybrid (with decent healing capacities) for its burst potential. Tried that build for a couple of weeks as well and found myself more of a spelladin, whereas with a 31/0/30 I'm happy to be able to pretend I can be a melee paladin again, the retribution hybrid with annoying healing and support capacities I like =)