Priests Talent Spec Thread

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Seeing as most classes seem to have one, I think it would be good if there was one for priests as well.

I'd like all raiding priests to post their current talent spec, and the idea behind it. It'll give us an overview if we have all crucial talents covered in the guild.

This is my current build a 23/38 disc/holy build.

The idea behind it is quite simple : a pure healer build focused on mana conservation and regeneration. As such I took everything I possibly could to lower the cost of my spells and to improve my mana regeneration. Choosing Divine Spirit is quite logical in this set-up, so is Holy Concentration which has to be one of the best talents in the entire holy tree imho. I consider these two talents combined with meditation the 'backbone' of this spec.
Also since I see the priest as the only real AoE healing class I find healing prayers and silent resolve a must-have in my build. Holy Nova is taken for the 0 threat healing.
The rest of the talents are chosen to allow good all round healing no matter the task provided. So there is no focus on getting the biggest heal possible but on pure endurance.

The weakness in my spec is the lack of 3/3 Inspiration, it's the one thing that really bothers me, not having maxed out empowered healing is less an issue.

Gear : Basically I prefer mana effeciency and regeneration above everything else as well. Once again I don't value getting the biggest heal possible at all. I try to find a balance between regen and heal, currently I aim to have about 1/10th of my healing as mp5 while casting (so 1700 heal / 170 mp5 1500 heal/150 mp5 etc) while keeping stam int ans spi on more or less identical values. The stats I prefer on items are (in descending order)
1. mp5 - 2. heal - 3. spirit - 4. stam - 5. spellcrit/spellhaste - 6. intellect