Question and Answer Thread

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Hi guys,

The guild is going through a lot of changes atm, and has been for a few weeks/months now. I know things are a little confusing atm (I know this cos I'm a little confused myself at times :p) and your not quite sure how everything is gonna work but we are working hard at trying to clear things up and get everything sorted out. It does take time though Im afraid, most of us have pretty full RL's which limit how much time we have to organise things, plus ofc we all want to find time to actually play this dear game, so 'tree', or do I mean 'bear', hmm, with us, we will get there Smiling

What Im sure would help you is having the opportunity to ask questions. No question is to small or to big, or to stupid for that matter, unless it comes from Feral which are by default always silly:p

You can be pretty sure that if you dont know the answer to something there is someone else who also doesnt know, so dont be afraid to ask. In some cases the answer might already be 'hidden' somewhere on the forums and we just need to point you in the right direction. But I also know there is info missing from the site, and some things are a little broken, and then ofc there are things we havnt even thought about yet. So please ask, you will be doing me a favour as well as many other people I suspect Smiling

Erodin (the wooden one)