Raid Loot System

We have had a lot of calls for various loot systems and now it is time to put the matter to rest.

We are raiding a very short raid week, with no attendance requirements and trying to be as open as possible to new people joining the guild and raiding with us.

We briefly experimented with master looter (a system we used when progress raiding in previously expansions), but it takes too much time and effort, which is better spent on clearing bosses. In addition any form of DKP will work against our approach of open raiding, as they are more suited to a fixed raiding team.

To use DKP fairly we would need to create a fixed team, with attendance requirements, etc and accept that new people joining the guild would be at a disadvantage, which might mean they will be less willing to join our raids. We are server 29th and not 3rd or 4th like we used to be, and so we are already struggling to find new members.

Personal loot also has the advantage of removing the drama that goes with master loot style decisions, as it means that people don't get upset when they feel they deserve an item or feel it would be a better upgrade for them compared to the person that is rewarded it.

The combination of the above means that we will be sticking with personal loot for our raids.

If you would like to discuss this, please do so here and not in the raids, as it is wasting too much time.