Raiding Team


To help us better know what we have and what we need, we would like to setup a new Raiders rank within the Guild.

Nothing really changes, other than people that want to be a Raider will get priority for spots in raid.

We won't be setting any attendance requirements etc, other than to say that if you vanish for a few weeks without telling us, we will demote you and assuming you have decided against raiding. This doesn't mean you can't ask to rejoin when you return.

Not being a Raider, doesn't prevent you from joining raids, it just means that you won't get priority if we are full or if we have too many of a specific class/spec.

Since we are trying to raid heroic content, the following really basic requirements apply

  1. You watch at least a boss vid for each boss, so you know vaguely what we are up against. Ideally more but 1 is enough to give a flavor
  2. You bring some basic food for the raid. For example +225 crit food is insanely easy to get loads of fast.
  3. You bring some flasks/potions for the progress attempts. No need to use for all attempts or farm bosses, but if we are close to a kill, its flask/potion time Smiling
  4. The final and most important requirement, you come to have some fun, we are not a ultra hardcore raiding guild

If you want to be a Raider, please get in touch with an officer, either here, or in-game.