As you all know we are constantly recruiting people (trying to at least).
At the moment we primarily need more DPS, but all roles will be considered.

With our rank not being the highest (no mythic boss-kills), it's difficult to attract the attention of people who are looking for a raiding guild as they tend to drift towards the top 5-10 guilds unless they are going for mythic guilds. Being able to consistently forming a group of 20 (or more) raiders, it would allow us to get a few goes at mythic difficulty when heroic starts becoming a walk in the park and people start dropping off and taking breaks.

If you know anyone who'd like to join the guild, please invite them over to get in touch with any of the officers, and we'll be sure to get them on board (applications are required, but it's a very short form to fill out so it shouldn't take more than 5mins tops).

Social members are of course always welcome, so if you got any friends not interested in raiding feel free to invite them over!