Reign of Chaos(IM) Ending

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So.. that's it for me folks!
Long story short = I bought a new house and yada yada yada decided too cancel the subscribtion.

If you should be near the world metropol town "Hamar" in Norway, you're welcomed too say helo Sticking out tongue
We got plenty of space Smiling

Thank you for the peeps in the guild for making the game experience so much more fun! Smiling
Joined Vigilantes middle of Burning crusade during Battle for Hyjal / BT Era. Good times!
(We all know Burning Crusade was the best exp)
Remember that time when we tried too summon Akolen too Hyjal and the server broke down? hoho Smiling

Fun note = b4 my first Vigilantes raid I forgot too change too the highest rank of spells, raiding with the lowest rank making my dps shittier than a level1 critter..
Somehow I passed the trial o.0

You'll never say never, but I doubt I will come back.
If they brew up a superawsome new expansion I might have too re:consider...

Good luck with futher adventures, raids and everything else!


Chaos / Simon

ps my sub ends 02 nov