restor druid application

Application character information
Character name: wrightyy
Level: 110
Class: Druid
Current realm: Doomhammer
Armory link:

About your character(s)
1. What is your main spec? Restoration
2. Do you play an off spec? If so, would you be comfortable to occasionally raid in that spec? I can play tank but don't have the gear

About raiding
3. How long have you played WoW? to many years
4. Summarise your guild and raiding history? you should be able to see that on my link
5. How often can you attend our raids? I'm free most of the time

About motivations to join us:
6. Why did you apply to vigilantes? looks like a great guild
7. Do you know anyone who is already in Vigilantes? No

Closing questions:
8. Any questions or comments for us?