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Howdy ppls

Im just extremly bored and have been making speccs and searching for specs over the Rogue forum on Wow-europe and need feedbacks to my boredom specs
Appreciate feedback from pretty much any1 ^^

here we go

Nr1 Hemorrhage 16/24/21

Nr2 Hemorrhage deep combat 0/40/21

Nr3 yet another Hemorrhage with deep assassination 40/0/21

Nr4 another Hemorrhage Maybe a more used spec lower dmg but insane Cp spammer 31/0/31

As u might noticed so far i love the idea of hemorrhage and i found this on a Rogue guide which was pretty interesting.
Taken from

"Hemorrhage is not crap in instances. Maybe it was less usefull before TBC but now it isn't. Why?
The number one reason is that we now have 10 extra talent points. 10 points that we will gladly place in the combat tree. Imagine that you are in a raid with many melee. Say that it takes 5 seconds for them to eat up your 30 hemo charges. How much extra dps is that? 30 charges times +10 extra damage = 300 extra damage. If those 300 extra damage are consumed within 5 seconds (like in this example) then you get an extra 60 dps!! If you think that 60 dps doesn't look like much, then consider this: 60 extra dps is equal to 3600 extra damage per minute, or 216 000 extra damage per hour - and we all know that raiding takes hours. Just like the talent Murder, the Hemo debuff will really prove to be something useful in the long run. "

This post is not 100% accurate atm since they changes hemo a little while ago it now Increase Physical Damage by 42 but only 10 charges meaning the rogue speced for this in a raid will have to really spamm it to keep ut up 24/7.

Another quote from the same side as above.

"Normalization is an attack power adjustment made to instant attacks that blizzard implemented in patch 1.8 I think. In your damage formula, you have your AP (attack power) multiplied by a factor (speed). What Blizzard did was to "normalize" all weapons so that your AP would be multiplied by a hard factor rather than your weapon speed. For daggers, this factor is 1.7. For all other one-handed weapons this factor is 2.4. Thankfully, Blizzard was smart enough not to normalize all instant attacks. For us rogues we still got 3 non-normalized attacks. Those are: Ghostly Strike, Riposte and Hemorrhage.
So, what we have here is that your AP is not multiplied by a set factor (2.4) but instead your weapon speed. You might have heard of this before, that "the slower the weapon the better the hemo"?

Wow that was alot of text in 1 clump so if u gotten this far without giving up im not as boring as i thought

Carrying on.
Nr5 The original Mutilate spec or the most used one (best for pure rading) 41/20/0

Nr6 Mutilate Armor ignore 42/0/18
Asked on forums about this one, they said it wont work Sticking out tongue Still a very interesting spec imo ofc u loose the necessary combat talents for raiding but still u reduces armor of bosses / mobs tanked by warriors by 5583 with 5x shrunder armor / Serrated blades / execute ench / faerie fire / curse of reckless / items wich i think is pretty much considering bosses dont have so high armor from what ive heard. not shure tho been looking all over for armor value of bosses n stuff but cant find it. From what ive head they are packing an around value of around 8000 give or take Anyway

ok its getting to late and im tired. anyway im not saying any of theese specs are either pure pve or pure pvp many talents in the specs are "fillers" like improved sprint, Elusiveness, Endurance and etc.
If i am of any help or interest say so if not i will stfu, im just writing because im bored out of my freaking mind Sticking out tongue

Dont be afraid to add any of your own specs and thoughts i love reading about specs and overall Rogue info.

Peace out jokk

Ps: if my English suck sorry but partied to much during school Sticking out tongue