Slandrill Fire Mage Application (UPDATED)


I am Slandrill. A fire mage on the server Agamagan. In this application i will tell you:
The addons i use
My pc specs
My wow history
My character
And a link to my armoury.

My pc specs:


My addons:

For raiding i use dbm (Deadly Boss Mods)
Weak auras

My WOW History:

I have been playing wow since WOD. I did play during Wrath but i was young and only played for 2 hours and stopped hahaha. I have done all WOD raids on my other WOW account that i used. I had to make the switch to this account as i brought Legion and it went to this account. I could of switched but i did not want to as it was a fresh start. I have a big passion for World Of Warcraft and have done alot of raids this expansion. However i have taken alot of breaks this expansion and have had to catch up.

My Character:

I play a fire mage on the Alliance side. My item level is 930 and my main stat (crit) is at 63% However my Armoury shows that it is 49% (Not sure why)

My Armoury:

I want to play in a guild as i have never been part of a serious guild in wow. This is the reason why i have not done a lot of normal+ raids this expansion. I hope i get in the guild as i will feel part of a community and will be able to improve. My schedule is 4:30pm-9:00pm BST. I am free all Saturday and most of Sunday.

My internet is very good. I get around 60Mb/s constant.

Thank you!