Some Holy Priest Builds

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Since a few people have problems with their builds I'll give a few holy priest suggestions for specs

1. A mana regen build
This build focuses entirely on making your spell as cheap as possible and boosting your regen. Healing power is only secondary. I used this build for a long time and it's very mana effecient

2. AoE healing build
This build focuses on CoH and choosing the talents that go with it, combined with strong direct heals. Increased CoH range and heal power, combined with reduced CoH cost. Mana effeciency is less than previous spec but AoE healing is best possible also due to reduced Mending and PoH cost. It's a bit difficult to properly use CoH though might not be for everyone.

3. MT healer build
this build focuses on getting as strong heals as possible along with inspiration and shield for keeping the MT safe as good as possible. Strong heals and suited for any situation

There are other builds possible and a few point can be shifted ofc, but in general these are solid reliable specs.