Stam vs defence vs armour & healing :) - tanks n healers input

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Inetersted in peoples views here, particularly Beat due to seeing both sides of the field so to speak (shame your shadow in TBC though)

Upto TBC I could pretty much always work out myself where I felt comfortable with gear, balancing Stam/def/resists/armour

Pre TBC in fact armour was pretty much ignored and I guess to some extent post TBC is, although there are quite some diffs on items until the T5 T6 become a no brain decision to use.

The difficulty I am having is do I stack the stam or go balanced as long as I have a healthy stam.
E.g. I cannot make massive massive increases in stam, I could add say another 1000 hp with quite a nerf to overall tanking survivability.
1000hp over 18.3k (my current best setup HP fully buffed) doesnt feel really helpful, e.g I can take a special and normal from everythingg we face so far, to be able to take any significant additional blow or spell etc would require a lot more than 1000HP, I think probably 22k would be the point I would feel comfortable to take that extra hit.

So its not theorycrafting here but simple gut feeling, whats you guys thoughts. Last night for example I added some stam yet it "felt" worse as I was probably nerfing overall tanking by more than I was gaining.

Feral gives us a view of what lots more HP and armour gives, but he doesnt seem to have significantly better ability to survive due to them as he is losing elsewhere.

To my mind warriors have to play to their strength which is overall mitigation and not try to turn into weak ferals with all HP. As long as I can take a special attack (normally higher dmg than a normal) and a normal attack, I feel I am best setup for tanking. I wouldn't take silly low stam at the expense of more mitigation, but I feel more overall mitigation for a small stam drop is worth it.

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