Stopped with Wow and deleted my toons

Hey Vigi's!

I have come to and point that wow takes too much time and keeps me from doing more important stuff in RL.
And since i have quited before in the last 9 years i wanted to just get it done. No more coming back for me!
So I deleted all my 10 lvl 90s and my lvl 70 warrior twink on Doomhammer.
It was awesome to be in your guild! Real prO players who know their class ^^
Thnx for letting me in Smiling

I wish u all the best of luck now ingame and reallife!
Make the best of it! Which im gonna do now in RL:)

Ooh and for the ppl who wanna see how it looks to delete 10 90s here is a crappy video i made:

Thnx for everything and love u guys!